The 21-Day Body/Mind Detox program provides all the tools, guidance, and support you need to eat well and live whole, while nourishing your body and mind.

Having the right coach, program, and community will help you feel nourished, inspired and motivated.

The 21-Day Body/Mind Detox program is a quicker, kinder, and more effective approach to wellness.

I will provide you with the exact recipe to lose weight, have abundant energy and beautiful skin, and to feel vibrantly alive.

I’ve now used this method on hundreds of clients, moms and professionals, any age. Whether you want to lose weight or get back on track…

Anyone can do this — including YOU!

Jen DeVilliers

My name is Jen DeVilliers. Let me show you how to eat well and live whole without feeling deprived.

Have you tried many diets to find that they don’t work? And have they left you feeling deprived, defeated, and disappointed?

If you’ve ever dreamed of having more energy, then what I’m about to share with you will dramatically change how you look and feel. You’re going to learn how to lose weight, and you will discover how healthy food can be deliciously amazing.

I used to struggle with all kinds of health issues as a kid (asthma, eczema, allergies, to name a few). I hated my body and felt insecure. A freak accident in my twenties led to an 8 year journey to discover what my body required to heal. I tried everything, and I intimately know the frustration of each new program NOT getting the results I wanted.

I have discovered a powerful method, that has transformed my life and health from the inside out.

I don’t want you struggling with your body the way I did. I want to show women how to fall in love with their bodies instead.

Whether you want to lose weight, have glowing skin, or increase your energy, or whether you want to feel vibrantly alive — success is waiting for you.


“This program is better than any health/body/diet program that I’ve ever been on.”

This program is better than any health/body/diet program that I’ve ever been on. I like that the focus is on the foods I am eating and not the foods that I am not. It’s a far cry from the diet deprivation model. I also like that the steps are not radical. They are easy to integrate and make sense and feel good. I like the exchange of recipes to keep my food life a bit interesting. The supportive community makes a difference — I am not out here in the food wilderness on my own, and when I fall short of my intentions, there’s lots of compassion and support that comes my way. I think the biggest revelations I had during this program are:

  • Food doesn’t have to be so complicated or fraught with anxiety or shame.
  • Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a full time job.
  • Feeling better in my body is possible!!!!

Join Jen for this Live Training Program

Detox Starts Fall 2018

Brit and Melissa
Dana and Harriet
Laura and Megan
Lisa and Shana

What's Inside the Program

  • Module 1

    Module 1

    Preparing your Body & Mind with Ease

    This module will help you to:

    • Discover, step-by-step, how to prepare both your body and mind for the detox with ease
    • Learn the 10 foods to avoid and to add, and how they impact your weight and wellbeing
    • Create a meal plan that fits your (and your family's) needs, lifestyle, and taste buds
  • Module 2

    Module 2

    Secrets for Greater Sleep, Self-Care & Digestion

    Inside this module, you'll feel amazing as you:

    • Master your sleep and stress and have more clarity and energy
    • Learn how to have amazing digestion, less bloat and inflammation
    • Discover new foods and simple recipes that will tantalize your taste buds, and never feel deprived
  • Module 3

    Module 3

    Turn Your Mind Into Your Biggest Ally

    In this module you'll learn how to:

    • Learn the mindset behind creating long term weight loss
    • Discover how to feed your emotions without putting on the pounds
    • Choose foods that curb your cravings and leave you feeling full — in all areas of your life
  • Module 4

    Module 4

    Move Your Body, Clear Your Mind

    Inside this transformational module, you'll:

    • Learn what type of movement is best for YOU and your goals
    • Discover a new love for exercise
    • Gain confidence, freedom and fall in love with your body
  • Module 5

    Module 5

    Life After Detox

    In this module you'll discover:

    • How to create a plan that you LOVE for your Life After Detox
    • The inside scoop on going deeper with your detox
    • Strategies for setting yourself up for success for life

Each Week, you’ll get…

Jen DeVilliers

NOW OFFERED both in-person at Carmel Valley Athletic Club (CVAC) and online from anywhere in the world.

Live Content Rich Q&A Calls/Meetings with Jen.

In these group calls/meetings, you receive juicy content, answers to your biggest questions, and inspiration to stay on track with your personal goals.

  • Can’t make it live or need to miss a meeting? No problem! Send in questions ahead of time and get them answered.
  • All calls will be recorded so you can listen at your ideal time, and listen as many times as you like.

You receive more LIVE support throughout this program than you’ll find in many other Detox programs. This is one of the most essential ingredients to your success.

CVAC is limited to 10 participants.

Guidelines, Meal Plans, and Checklists

These gorgeous Guidebooks can be downloaded to your computer for easy reference, or printed for quick reference.

Body Mind Detox Guide

Your 50 page Guide gives you an overview of your 21-Day Body/Mind Detox program. It includes:

  • A Preparation Checklist. Steps to take in advance so you make the most out of your detox.
  • Easy to Follow Detox Guidelines
  • Week & Day-at-a-Glance Meal Plans, so you know what to eat and what to avoid.
  • Shopping Lists for the Vegetarian & Omnivore
  • Questionnaires to Customize Your Detox.
21 Day Body/Mind Detox Guide

Meal Planning Made Easy

This Guide will help you plan and prep your meals with ease. It includes:

  • Mastering meal planning, for yourself and your family
  • Creating a weekly shopping list, to make shopping easier
  • How to batch cook, so you always have meals on hand
  • Suggested kitchen supplies to make food prep a breeze



21 Day Weight Loss Detox Spring Summer Workbook

The Delicious Plate

With over 50 pages of mouth-watering recipes to choose from, you’ll be inspired and delighted by each and every meal. No more deprivation. No more boredom. Instead… get ready for MORE deliciousness!

The Delicious Plate has options for everyone. Whether you’re a vegetarian or a meat-eater, or somewhere in between, you’ll find recipes that will delight your taste buds.

21 Day Weight Loss Detox Spring Summer Workbook

Life After Detox

Transition from your detox into everyday life

This guide (and Jen) will hold your hand in your transition into Life After Detox. It will show you step-by-step how to add foods that you’ve missed during the detox, and help you discover which foods don’t work for you.

21 Day Weight Loss Detox Spring Summer Workbook

Everyday, you’ll get…

Daily Emails for Inspiration & Motivation

Daily Deliciousness Delivered to Your Inbox. Five Weeks (35 Days) of daily “love bombs” from Jen!

Each email contains:

  • A short recorded message from Jen with tips, encouragement, and what to expect day by day
  • One of her favorite recipes, foods, and kitchen gadgets. Jen loves finding ways to make playing in the kitchen easy, fun, and creative!
  • Juicy tidbits that will open your eyes and turn you on to cutting edge information on health, food, and living.
Daily Emails
Community Forum

Community Forum & Support

Detoxing is not something you should — or need to — do alone! You’re more successful when you receive support and inspiration from a group of women. So tap into our online private Facebook community 24/7 and:

  • Stay connected (and accountable!)
  • Share your struggles and celebrations
  • Swap recipes, suggestions, and successes
  • Get your big and little questions answered

Join the Next 21-Day Body/Mind Detox Program

Reset  •  Renew  •  Recharge

In 5 Weeks, I’ll show you how to:

  • Create a meal plan that is easy, delicious, and exciting
  • Discover which foods YOU should avoid to look and feel your best
  • Conquer your cravings for sugar and caffeine so you can finally be free
  • Learn and implement essential mindsets for getting the results you desire
  • Master the secrets for tuning into (& feeding) what you’re really hungry for
  • Create recipes that inspire and delight you in your kitchen
  • Align your body and mind to feel nourished from the inside out
  • Have glowing skin, abundant energy, and feel vibrantly alive

“Just the Jump-Start I needed.”

I was surprised by how much more food I was eating and how much better and more balanced I felt. My sugar cravings diminished more quickly than I expected, and I am totally caffeine-free now. I was never bored with all the creative and delicious recipes. The program is laid out in such a clear and concise way — each step so beautifully and gently guided by Jen. She is masterful.


You Will Also Get These Bonuses:

Bonus 1:

The Delicious Plate

– Seasonal Inspirations

4 NEW eBooks focused on delicious seasonal recipes to inspire you to eat well.

Bonus 1 - TDP Seasonal Inspirations

Bonus 2:

Jen’s Fave Picks

PDFs to make shopping at Whole Foods , Costco, and/or Trader Joes easier, with photos of my favorite brands, and ideas on how to use these foods.
This new set of PDFs also includes 9-Plant Based Proteins + Recipes and how to incorporate them easily into your diet.
Bonus 2 - MP3 Interviews

Bonus 3:

Body Mind Detox Summit Interviews

You will have unlimited access to all 19 Body Mind Detox Summit MP3 expert interviews. These interviews cover the topics of relationships, sex, vitality, skin care, GMO foods, and more — to support you in having a fully delicious successful detox experience.

Bonus 2 - MP3 Interviews

In Summary

21-Day Body/Mind Detox Program Includes…

High quality content designed to guide you, step-by-step, to lose weight and to feel truly nourished, both in body & mind, without feeling deprived.

  • LIVE Content Rich 90-minute Calls or In-person Meetings with Jen
  • 4 Guidebooks of guidelines, meal planning, recipes, and shopping lists
  • 24/7 Community and support
  • Five Weeks (35 Days) of Daily emails for motivation and inspiration
  • 3 Bonuses including the Seasonal Recipe eBooks, Jen’s Fave Picks and Body/Mind Detox Summit Expert Interviews


21-Day Body Mind Detox

The People We Have Helped

“I lost weight painlessly without feeling deprived!”

Thanks again for creating this healthy plan for us. Not only has it gotten me out of bad eating habits and into good ones, but also I lost weight painlessly without feeling deprived!! That alone is a miracle!


Meal planning is simple and stress-free.

The plan is straightforward and clear. This is the most successful I have ever been, and I lost 14 pounds. I am not intimidated by grocery shopping now — meal planning is simple and stress-free. My daughter loves the food, too! Jen genuinely cares about her clients and adds a personal touch.


“I was able to fit the detox easily into my extremely busy life.”

I feel lighter, happier, and my family has benefited from the program as well. I was able to fit the detox easily into my extremely busy life. I am a full-time working mom. I look forward to continuing this way of eating and living.


“I felt fantastic after just 1 day on the program.”

This detox couldn’t have come at a better time! I had gained a lot of weight due to a year of health challenges, and I felt fantastic just after day 1 on the program. I finally had hope that I could get my body back and feel better again. I feel better than I have in years, and I lost almost 10 pounds. I am really motivated to keep this momentum going and cannot thank Jen enough! It is a great price for all that you get!


“By day 10 I had no more cravings and so much energy.”

By day 10 I had no cravings! I have so much energy now, my skin is clearer, I lost weight, and I love being introduced to new foods. It is a program that stays with you for life.


“The recipes, the daily recording, and the sense of community make this a fun and inspirational way to feel better…”

Completing the detox for the second time has given me a new perspective on nutrition and self-care. I find that I want to continue to follow the basic plan as much as possible because of the improvements I experience in my sleep quality, mental clarity, energy, and attitude. The recipes, the daily recording, and the sense of community make this a fun and inspirational way to feel better and make lasting changes in my life.


Brit and Melissa
Dana and Harriet
Laura and Megan
Lisa and Shana

Join the Next 21-Day Body/Mind Detox

Reset  •  Renew  •  Recharge

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